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Our Menu

 Brie Wedges (v) with cranberry £4.75  
Salt & Pepper Squid with sweet chilli dip £4.75
 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls (v) with sweet chilli dip £4.50
Breaded whitebait with lemon mayonnaise £4.50
Vegetable Lasagne Verdi (v) with garlic bread or salad or chips £8.95
Coconut Curried Sweet Potato & Chickpea Stew with rice (vegan & G/F) £8.95
Classic Beef Lasagne with garlic bread or salad or chips £9.50
Beer battered cod, battered here, served with chips, mushy or garden peas & tartare sauce £9.50
Scampi & chips served with mushy or garden peas & tartare sauce £8.25
Beef & Ale Pie served with mash or chips & peas or baked beans £8.95
Chicken Korma served with Basmati rice, poppadom & mango chutney £9.25
Beef Madras served with Basmati rice, poppadom & mango chutney £9.45
Gammon with chips, eggs & peas (G/F) £9.25
Lamb Shank in minted gravy served with crushed buttered baby potatoes & carrots £13.95
Burgers with leaves, tomato & onion in bun with chips.  6oz Lamb & mint £7.95  6oz 100% beef £7.95   Spicy bean (v) £6.25
Half Roast Chicken with maple & bourbon BBQ sauce served with chips & coleslaw £9.95
Weight is approx. & before cooking. Supplied by DW Wall & Son at Ludlow & all meats are locally farmed.
8oz Rump £13.95
8oz Sirloin £15.95
8oz Ribeye £15.95
Steaks come with chips, peas, homemade onion rings, tomato & mushroom or with salad & crushed buttered baby potatoes
Add a sauce for £2.45
Bearnaise Sauce (v) £2.45     Diane Sauce (v) £2.45  
Pepper sauce (v) £2.45       Jug of gravy (G/F & v) 50p
Garlic bread (v) £2.75       Cheesy garlic bread (v) £3.25
Homemade beer battered Onion rings (v) £2.75
Chips (v) £2.25         Cheesy chips (v) £2.75
Side salad (v) £3.50      Coleslaw (v) £2.25
Naan Bread (v) £1.95     Poppadoms (v) £1.45
Ice Cream, 3 scoops choice of: Chocolate, Strawberry, Carmelita, Maple walnut, Pistachio or Vanilla Dream £4.25
Warm chocolate fudge cake (v) £4.95  
A bowl of hot homemade apple crumble (v) £4.75  
A slice of Tiramisu (v) £4.45 
Hot cherry bakewell roulade (v) £4.95
All have choice of custard (v), double cream (v) or ice cream 
Chocolate & coconut tart (Vegan & G/F) with vegan vanilla ice cream £4.75
Americano £2.50     Decaf Coffee £2.50
Latte £3.00     Cappucci

Lunch 12noon-5.30pm

Daily until 5.30pm 

Baguettes & Sandwiches 
Tuna Mayo, 
Bacon with brie & cranberry sauce  
or Cheddar & chutney Breaded Chicken, leaves & mayo (baguette only) 
All served with ‘Kettle’ crisps 
Baguettes £5.50    Sandwiches £3.95 

Lighter/Smaller Lunch  £5 
Scampi & Chips 
Breaded Plaice & Chips 
Ham, Egg & Chips 
Chicken & Mushroom Pie & Chips 
Sausage, Mash & Gravy (Pork or Vegan) 

Coffee or Tea & Cake  £4.75

Children's Meals

Main course, ice cream, puzzle book & crayons £6.95
Choose from: 
Spaghetti Bolognaise,  
Meatballs & pasta shapes,  
Chicken Goujons, chips & baked beans, 
Sausages, chips & baked beans or  
Fish Fingers, chips & baked beans. 

Ice cream: Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry 
Just a main course £4.75 
Just an ice cream £2.25 

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